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Helix XT

The Helix XT pushes the boundaries of technology, offering a portrait gaming experience like no other.

Key features and design:

  • Impressive 4K HD 43” J curve screen
  • Seamless portrait gaming experience
  • Extensive library of cross cabinet compatible content
  • Dynamic LCD button technology
  • Improved design and serviceability
  • Consistent Helix range design and architecture


The Helix™ family represents the latest addition to Aristocrat’s proven cabinet range. While Portfolio breadth & depth is paramount in delivering optimal performance, the latest cutting edge technology will ensure we create a truly immersive player experience. Available in Upright, Slant and Slant Super Screen configurations, the Helix™ range promises to deliver a new level of engaging game-play.

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Helix™ Hardware are a glance:

  • Full HD 23” Infinity-edged frameless displays.
  • Optional 32” Super Screen top monitor option for Slant
  • Dynamic LCD Button Technology
  • Integrated pinstripe lighting
  • Immersive rear surface ambient lighting.
  • Stylish champagne finish
  • Improved player ergonomics

Helix™ Upright

Height: 1560mm
Width: 640mm
Depth: 635mm

Helix™ Slant

Height: 1560.97mm
Width: 717.35mm
Depth: 738.30mm

Helix™ Slant Super Screen

Height: 1728.20mm
Width: 755.65mm
Depth: 738.30mm

Viridian WS™

Since the launch of Viridian WideScreen in the NSW market, Aristocrat’s latest cabinet offering only goes from strength to strength. The cabinet has become an industry wide sensation, with High Resolution 22” LCD monitors, coupled with programmable LCD buttons, the Viridian WS strikes the perfect balance between eye-catching and ergonomic design with sheer horsepower – offering a truly unique gaming experience for the player.

A proven performer in the field, the Viridian Widescreen has seen monumental success since its release in 2011 and has set the industry standard in hardware capability. This industry wide sensation has all the features desirable for a state-of-the art gaming floor and has been designed to appeal and delivers unparalleled gaming experience to the player whilst catering to the venue operator through systems and hardware capabilities and effortless grace in aesthetics.