What’s Linking High Performance to Your Gaming Floor?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Over the past 12 months the Linked Progressive category has made incredible resurgence on Hotel gaming floors throughout Queensland. Whilst the total size of the category has remained stable for some time, Linked Progressives are fast becoming a key performing category across gaming floors. But not all Links are one and the same; it takes a fine balance of great mathematics, strong visual appeal, intuitive features and flexible configurability to deliver optimal performance.

Currently, Linked Progressives are the strongest performing category in Queensland Hotels followed by multigame. Sitting comfortably at 111% floor average compared with other categories on Hotel gaming floors, the Linked Progressive category is the only one to have gradually increased in performance month on month since September 2014. Whilst all other categories have remained stable or entered a state of decline, Linked Progressives have thrived and there’s a striking reason behind the trend.

Linked themes such as Money Train™, Jackpot Carnival™, Jetsetter and Rapid Fire which first hit the Queensland Linked Progressive scene back in the mid 2000’s are no longer cutting it for Hotel operators in Queensland. However, the category has experienced astonishing reinvigoration over the past 12 months with the introduction of Aristocrat’s Lightning Link™ range. With six titles now in the market and another two on the way, Lightning Link™ has led the revival of Linked Progressives across Queensland Hotels.

Yet to drop below floor average, all six Lightning Link™ themes have debuted in Queensland Hotels between 121% and 175% floor average, with some titles reaching peaks of up to 256% floor average. Following the launch, Lightning Link™ has continued to progressively trend upwards in performance, now delivering between 217% and 240% floor average performance as of August 2015.

The next two themes to join the family; Tiki Fire™ and Heart Throb™ present alike features Linked Progressive players have come to know an enjoy over the past 12 months. Multi denomination enables play at 1c, 2c, 5c or 10c denominations whilst the Hold ‘n’ Spin feature offers a familiar method of triggering Jackpots and Bonuses. Both themes showcase a brand new free games feature which is sure to delight players.

Gaming products that deliver consistently strong performance such as the Lightning Link™ range come around intermittently, so if there was ever a time to add some spark to your gaming floor, now is the time. To explore Lightning Link™ further, contact your friendly Aristocrat BDE or visit info.au.aristocratgaming.com/link.

All performance and category data retrieved from Maxgaming Reports: Queensland Hotels between September 2014 and August 2015



Friday, July 31, 2015

AGE 2015 is just around the corner and we’re thrilled to welcome our customers to the inaugural Precinct. A place to challenge the way we think about our products, our players and discuss opportunities that exist within and outside our industry. We are firm believers that the key to long term sustainability lays in forging strong partnerships, challenging current paradigms and innovating well beyond what we know and do today.


We endeavour to support our industry through the collaboration of ideas and experience from a range of hospitality & gaming suppliers. The Precinct will bring this to life in a fun and engaging way, and we thank amongst others; Paynter Dixon, Gasser, Global Coffee Solutions, Task, Carlton-United Breweries, Oakvale Wines, Hospitality Imports and Precision Signs for their contribution.


As player preferences & values change, and as demographics evolve, it’s essential that innovation is reflected in every aspect of our portfolio. Whether it is game content, new technology platforms, signage solutions, system functionality, or value-add Service offerings. Driven by the needs of the market, we are committed to listening to our customers and leveraging the data and analytics available to make insight-led decisions that will unlock new value from our products & services.


Integral to the Precinct is a 30 seat Theatrette which will provide the opportunity for our customers to listen to, engage with and be inspired by, a diverse range of influential thought leaders within our industry. Together we will confront the challenging issues, provoke new thinking and explore the possibilities


AGE truly is a company wide effort and we thank all departments involved for their time, energy and enthusiasm in bringing this show to life. Aristocrat, together with our partners look forward to welcoming our customers to the Precinct at AGE 2015.


What’s ahead for Hotels in 2015?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 began with thirst for continuous improvement and innovation at Aristocrat. We are more focused than ever on taking key learning’s from the past year’s successes and building on them further to ensure we deliver a powerful portfolio to our Hotel customers.

Supporting both the highly successful Helix™ and Viridian™ Widescreen™ cabinets throughout 2015 is a plethora of top performing content designed to really drive strong results for our Hotels. Amongst the latest includes a breadth of multi game, standalone progressive and high denomination titles.

For almost 2 years now, Players Choice™ Diamond Edition™ has made a solid appearance amongst the top performing Australian Hotel games, followed closely by Player’s Choice™ Sapphire Edition™. 2015 is the year Aristocrat will focus on taking Player’s Choice™ the extra mile with titles such as Players Choice™ High Limits™; a dedicated high denomination pack, and Player’s Choice™ Gold Jackpots™; a collection of Aristocrat’s most popular SAP titles all in one.

Amongst some of the most popular SAP products for 2015 is the Lightning Cash™ game family. Brought to life through simplistic game mechanics and the added flexibility of multi denomination, Lightning Cash™ has taken Australian Hotels by storm, with brand new titles still to come in 2015.

The high denomination category within Australian Hotels has required focus and rejuvenation for some time now. Recognizing this, Aristocrat recently released a brand new standalone progressive in this category; Jet Strike™. Jet Strike™ combines market-tested mechanics with some really cool, new features including Hold & Respin, Repeat Win free games and three levels of jackpots. Are you ready to recharge your high denomination offering?

We appreciate the extraordinary level of support from our Hotel customers throughout the year and look forward to delivering even better product in 2015.

To find out more contact your friendly Aristocrat sales representative


AHG 2015; a winning show!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The anticipation leading up to the inaugural AHG 2015 was undoubtedly electric, and with the show now behind us, we’re determined to continuously deliver ‘more choice’ and strong product performance to our Queensland customers. We experienced a solid stream of customer visitations across the Aristocrat stand during the show, which was a great opportunity to gain feedback on current and future product still to be rolled out. A high level of confidence in our portfolio was certainly felt and we’re more motivated than ever to deliver the most effective gaming solutions in the industry.

In the seven months since its release, the Lightning Link™ and Lightning Cash™ family of games are still delivering great value to many gaming floors across Queensland. With six themes now approved and two more on the horizon we’re delighted see the series continue to perform so strongly as the install base grows.

Multi denomination is a great way to increase the flexibility and occupancy of the games on your floor, and we were thrilled to showcase our new range of multi-denomination standalone progressives at AHG 2015. African Big 5™, Dragon’s Choice™ and Globetrotter™ received some very positive feedback at the show and we look forward to releasing these three titles over the coming weeks.

Weird, Wicked & Wild™ was another highlight that featured heavily on the Aristocrat stand at AHG. Released in January 2015, Weird, Wicked & Wild™ is off to a fast start. If you’re looking to provide your players with a differentiated bonus and free games feature experience, without the huge jackpot liabilities, Weird, Wicked & Wild™ is a must have product on your floor.

We’re committed to developing a strong pipeline of product across the Core, Standalone Progressive, Linked Progressive, Licensed, Entertainment and Multi-game categories, conducive to our cabinet range as well as evolving player preferences. We’d like to thank our customers for their support at AHG 2015 and look forward to offering even ‘more choice’ as the year continues.


Lightning Link™ Released in Widescreen™ & Helix™ Cabinets!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We’re proud to introduce Lightning Link™ and Lightning Cash™- Aristocrat’s very first range of Linked and Standalone Progressive games to feature player selectable multi-denomination. Player selectable multi-denomination functionality provides your players with more choice whilst catering to a dynamic range of broad play styles. Choose to play a 50 line game at 1c and 2c denominations or a 25 line game at 5c or 10c denominations for more volatility- it’s your choice.

There’s even more operator flexibility built into the Progressives of Lightning Link™ and Lightning Cash™. All four games feature a Grand Jackpot level which can be configured as Linked or Standalone, a Major Jackpot Level configured as Standalone, and two Minor and Mini Bonus Prize levels which increase with the player’s selected denomination.

The Lightning Link™ and Lightning Cash™ range introduce a brand new Jackpot Feature which involves independent reels that reveal Jackpots, Bonuses and credit prizes of up to 100x the player’s bet. Highly visual in design, so what you see is what you get. Common across the range of themes, the Jackpot Feature can be triggered during the base, as well as free games features.

Whether you’re looking to build a new Linked bank, or an exciting new Standalone Progressive game, Lightning Link™ and Lightning Cash™ games offer something for everyone. To find out more about Lightning Link contact your friendly Aristocrat sales representative or visit